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Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – Smart EM style

Listen to Drs.Newman & Shreeves muck around in some of the root literature on how we  diagnose of Subarachnoid hemorrhage. Background: With roughly 21-33 000/year in the US, representing 2-5% of new strokes, SAH is a dangerous but uncommon entity. – … Continue reading

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Auricular Hematoma Drainage

The Ear: – Overview image, Hematomas – Source information from Roberts & Hedges – Typically occur in wrestlers, boxers, rugby players and after fights due to shearing force to the ear – The hematoma can develop from the subperichondrium, or from … Continue reading

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Afib Unleashed

Head on over to and search for Afib Unleashed. What is the optimal pad placement? – Optimal pad placement for cardioversion depends on the rhythm you are converting – For cardioversion of Afib, optimal placement will direct the energy to … Continue reading

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Penetrating Neck Trauma

Penetrating Neck Trauma management has evolved, listen to EMRAP January 2011 for the new practice recommendations. - In the patient with penetrating neck trauma,  the fundamentals of airway management are unchanged – If the laceration to the neck is significant and … Continue reading

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Severe Asthmatic, NIV

How to treat a severe asthma exacerbation  In a severe asthma exacerbation there is Complete fatigue of respiratory musculature, not just exhalation…start NIV Need Inspiratory support (CHF usually requires CPAP or PEEP) and minimal PEEP (2) Continue nebs Ketamine 1mg/kg/hr … Continue reading

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Delayed Sequence Intubation

The new essentials of emergency airway management includes delayed sequence intubation.  An incredible concept that will help you in high-risk situations. – Management of agitated patients requring intubation can be a harrowing situation, fortunately we have a variety of medications, … Continue reading

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In this episode of the EMCRIT podcast, Dr.Weingart presents the case of a 21M BIBEMS with AMS, Seized prior to arrival.  In the ED, he is febrile to 102, no neck stiffness, and unable to provide any additional history. Placed … Continue reading

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