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3 Things Not to Do: Scott Weingart MD

EMRAP 2/2012 By Dena Asaad Reiter MD 1.  Sedative only intubation: a bad idea, but if you MUST… People think sedative only intubation is a good idea because they don’t want to paralyze a patient with a potentially difficult airway. … Continue reading

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Infections in the Immune Compromised, Part I

By Christie Lech MD EMRAP February 2010 : Infections in the Immuno-compromised  but you’ll have to log in through –         Immune compromised population – diabetes mellitus, neutropenic patients, patients who have undergone solid organ or bone marrow transplants, patients with … Continue reading

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EMCRIT # 7 Sedation Tirade

By Cynthia Santos, MD  Emcrit # 7 Sedation Tirade In this pod-cast Dr Weingart gives his opinion on post-intubation sedation at a lecture he gave at Jacobi – Start all patients on a fentanyl drip after intubation for pain control. … Continue reading

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EMCRIT 32: Treatment of Severe Hyperkalemia

by Cynthia Santos, MD EmCrit Podcast 32 A lot of this podcast is based on Lawrence Weisberg’s article on hyperkalemia treatment (see Critically Care Medicine 2008 issue 36, p3246). Weingart thinks this is the best article on hyperkalemia for ED … Continue reading

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SMART Stress Testing

by William Fleishman MD This is a little bit of a behemoth lecture and summary –  but well worth it. Stress Test: A test to determine whether a patient has myocardial ischemia during tachycardia   Exercise stress: looking for ECG … Continue reading

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