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EMCrit Wee: Are extraglottic airways harmful in cardiac arrest?

By Benjamin Schnapp, MD King Tube, Combitube, LMA were tested in a swine model of cardiac arrest. A large drop in carotid blood flow was seen with insertion of all devices. Thought is that airways may be compressing the … Continue reading

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NEJM: Care of an Adult Patient after Sexual Assault

By Natasha Desai, MD Clinical Problem Background Sexual Assault- Broad term ranging from rage, unwanted genital touching, to being forced to view pornography Rape- Any penetration of body orifice by force, threat of force, or incapacity Lifetime Prevalence: Women … Continue reading

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SMART EM: Testing

By Will Fleischman, MD Testing happens constantly during the clinical encounter and includes clinical impression, HPI questions, lab tests etc. These elements all have defined diagnostic properties, i.e. sensitivity, specificity. But how do we use these diagnostic properties to … Continue reading

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EMCrit Podcast 74: Who the Heck to Cool after Cardiac Arrest with Ben Abella

By Tatiana Havyrliuk, MD -       Difficult decision -> need strict hospital-wide guidelines -       should cool all VT/Vfib arrests -       other rhythms – not much evidence, still cause reperfusion injury, so why not cool? -       Rhythm doesn’t really matter, it’s … Continue reading

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Airway World: Airway Management and Obesity

By Tatiana Havryliuk, MD Airway Management and Obesity By Calvin Brown III on Airway World;cid=   basics on airway management of obese patients: -       intrinsic airway pressures are higher than in normal sized adults -       you will often need … Continue reading

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Step 3 and NYS licensing

By Natasha Desai, MD and a little help from our IM colleagues. Signing up for Step 3: Application Website: You can either apply online or submit a paper application. The sign up process takes about 2-3wks After you apply for Step … Continue reading

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