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The Crashing Asthmatic

By Zara Mathews, MD Please refer to EMCRIT Podcast #16 What to do when an intubated asthmatic starts to crash? FIRST disconnect vent from ET tube breath stacking can stop venous return to heart  will hear gush of air from … Continue reading

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Dangerous Pediatric Fevers

By Benjamin Azan, MD Refer to November EMRAP Herpes in Children: Source of law suites! Here talking about herpes meningoencephalitis. Neonates: usually HSV2 (sometimes 1) after birth. Fever, -/+ seizes, +/- vesicles. Have a low threshold dx if have vesicles. Encephalitis, can … Continue reading

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Post-Intubation Package

By Christie Lech, MD Emcrit: Post-Intubation Package Number 1, know the analgesia and sedation agents you want Secure the tube – the Hollister anchor device is recommended because it 1) doesn’t block the mouth and 2) does not cause pressure … Continue reading

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