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Validation of San Francisco Syncope Rule

Summarized By Raviraj Patel, MD Source: Quinn J, McDermott D, Stiell I “Prospective Validation of the San Francisco Syncope rule to Predict Patients With Serious Outcomes.” Annals of Emergency Medicine, Vol 47, No. 5: May 2006 Intro Syncope accounts for … Continue reading

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The Utility of Adding Expiratory or Decubitus Chest Radiographs to the Radiographic Evaluation of Suspected Pediatric Airway Foreign Bodies

Please refer to Annals of Emergency Medicine. Vol. 61. No 1. PP 19-26. Jan 2013. Brown et al. By Brandy Ferguson, MD Study Objective: To compare standard chest radiographs (lateral or PA or AP) with and without additional views (expiratory … Continue reading

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