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Pediatric Fever

By Jeremy Faust, MD ERcast with Dr. Rob Orman and guest PEM specialist Dr. Andrew Sloas Pediatric Fever Part 2. Link: Question: Does height of fever increase risk that you’re dealing with Serious Bacterial Infection? Answer: Old studies (poorly controlled, … Continue reading

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RLQ Pain in Pregnancy

By Eduardo Lacalle, MD Please refer to ERCAST Interview by Rob Orman with Ingrid Lim (UCSF/Kaiser SF). Note: first half of podcast regards abdominal pain in pregnancy, second half is unrelated material. Diagnostic questions considered in this discussion: 1)    Is … Continue reading

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ERCAST – Cardiac Arrest

By Christie Lech, MD End tidal CO2: The best monitor you can have on a patient during cardiac arrest It is a monitor of 1) ventilation and 2) cardiac output, as a patient gets sicker, ETCO2 becomes more representative … Continue reading

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Awake Intubation : ERCAST meets EMCRIT

General principle: “If it’s gonna be a difficult airway, do an awake intubation” THE KEY TO AWAKE INTUBATION: It’s really not that big a deal (not that different from what we usually do) Awake intubation = intubation with SEDATION + … Continue reading

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VTach Storm – ERCAST

In this podcast ERCast essentially presents a case of ventricular tachycardia storm and discusses the management for that patient beyond ACLS. The main management points they emphasized: – Recognition of ventricular tachycardia vs. an aberrant atrial rhythm includes: wide complexes … Continue reading

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Afib Unleashed

Head on over to and search for Afib Unleashed. What is the optimal pad placement? – Optimal pad placement for cardioversion depends on the rhythm you are converting – For cardioversion of Afib, optimal placement will direct the energy to … Continue reading

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