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Ketophol vs Propofol vs Ketamine

By Ben Azan, MD Please refere to EMRAP Case based discussion: -Case #1: 6M dog bite, several lacs that need to be closed. Needs sedation: Use what? Ketamine? Yes, good in peds, because lots of provider experience with ketamine -Case#2: … Continue reading

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OHSU: Ketamine vs Propofol

By Eduardo Lacalle, MD Ketamine vs Propofol [and ketofol, too!] 3 studies looking at ketamine, propofol, and the combination of the two (“ketofol”) for procedural sedation [sorry I don’t have the full titles – too difficult to get from … Continue reading

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EMCRIT 53 – Needle Vs Cric

by Christie Lech MD EMCRIT 53 Minh Le Cong – Why needle cric is superior to surgical techniques: First, identify there is a problem – a cannot oxygenate/cannot intubate situation.  Then, proceed to the neck. Get a 14 gauge cannula and … Continue reading

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EMCRIT 29: Procedural Sedation

CALL IT PROCEDURAL SEDATION – NOT CONSCIOUS SEDATION By Vishal Demla, MD Degrees of Sedation Minimal sedation – giving pain medication Moderate Sedation: Awake, alert, talking, the patient just has the edge taken off Deep Sedation – Patient reacts purposefully … Continue reading

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EMCRIT 4: Awake Intubation

EMCRIT 4: Awake intubation Courtesy of Christie Lech – “dry the patient out” – you can use atropine, it has side effects, and it can cross the BBB, and it is not as good an anti-sialagogue as glycopyrrolate, the preferred … Continue reading

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EMCRIT #6 Bolus Dose Pressors

Bolus Dose Pressors  Post by Elizabeth Dei-Rossi Why use push doses? rapidly correct blood pressure used to temporary increase BP prior to other therapy (ie post intubation before fluids can be infused to correct BP) drips take longer to set … Continue reading

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Physical and Chemical Restraints in the ED EMCRIT # 60

Post by Swathi Nadindla MD Emcrit Podcast #60: On Human Bondage and the Art of Chemical Takedown The agitated patient can be a danger to himself and even to the staff in your Emergency Department. Here are some pointers on … Continue reading

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Non-Invasive Ventilation can be sexy too…

Post by Vishal Demla Listen to the EMCRIT Podcast #19 and read the summaries; could save your life. PEEP= CPAP Type 1 failure: Not oxygenating NEED PEEP/CPAP/EPAP Recruits aveoli, decrease V/Q mismatch, decrease preload/afterload Start at 5 up to 15 APE, … Continue reading

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Awake Intubation : ERCAST meets EMCRIT

General principle: “If it’s gonna be a difficult airway, do an awake intubation” THE KEY TO AWAKE INTUBATION: It’s really not that big a deal (not that different from what we usually do) Awake intubation = intubation with SEDATION + … Continue reading

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The Ultrasound Podcast – Dyspnea

We all have the skills, now it is a matter of bringing the ultrasound to the bedside and evaluating the dyspneic patient.  Start listening to the Emergency Ultrasound Podcast  to get a few more ideas on how use your skills … Continue reading

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