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Lessons from the STOP Sepsis Collaborative

By Avital Porat, MD Please refer to EMCrit Take home lessons after ~ 10,000 patients enrolled in STOP Sepsis Collaborative   Recognition/Screening- Let nurse’s handle this. They are doing a good job. Modified version of SIRS criteria screened at triage … Continue reading

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Ultrasound for Fluid Tolerance in Spontaneously Breathing Patients

By Christie Lech, MD Please refer to EMCRIT If you have a mechanically ventilated patient, and they are on 10 cc/kg of tidal volume for your IVC check.  If the IVC gets larger by 16-18%, the patient will be fluid … Continue reading

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Sepsis: A review of the current therapy

By Christie Lech, MD Sepsis: A review of current therapy Please refer to EMRAP SIRS – your body’s response to various insults temperature > 38 or < 36 tachycardia, HR > 90 RR (> 20) or PaCO2 (< 32 mmHg) … Continue reading

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Manny Rivers III

The Saga is complete!   Is there a role for protein C? Protein C is usually decreased in sepsis resulting in multivascular thrombosis. However, Cochrane study do not support this and may lead to more bleeding…River’s disagrees and gives it … Continue reading

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