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Ultrasound Podcast with Mike and Matt on Small Bowel Obstruction

By Elizabeth Dei Rossi, MD Please refer to The Ultrasound Podcast Different modalities can be used for diagnosing SBO CT scan is considered gold standard sensitivity of 92% and a specificity of 93% Mallo RD et al. CT diagnosis of … Continue reading

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Matt and Mike’s Podcast on Hip Ultrasound

By Felipe Teran, MD Please refer to Ultrasound Podcast  In this episode Matt and Mike discuss the utility of US for: -       Diagnosis of hip effusion -       US guided hip aspiration -       US guided hip injection US guided hip aspiration … Continue reading

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Ocular Ultrasound in Head Trauma

Post by Raashee Kedia MD Detect Findings of Increased Intracranial Pressure in Adult Head Injury Patients Article here  There are times CT scan may not be suitable to evaluate a patient for intra-cranial trauma. Such as unstable multiorgan injuries, remote … Continue reading

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The Ultrasound Podcast – Dyspnea

We all have the skills, now it is a matter of bringing the ultrasound to the bedside and evaluating the dyspneic patient.  Start listening to the Emergency Ultrasound Podcast  to get a few more ideas on how use your skills … Continue reading

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