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by Christie Lech, MD EtOH withdrawal – Goldfrank  Benzos/barbs not completely effective in preventing withdrawal, but they can provide sedation As the alcohol concentration in your body falls, you may get seizures and a transient phase of alcoholic hallucinosis (this … Continue reading

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EMCRIT #15 Management of the Severe Asthmatic

The Severe Asthmatic PC #15 Post by Avital Porat, MD Basic Treatment for very sick asthmatics All getting Beta2 agonist  5mg dose probably better than 2.5mg Add Atrovent for first 3 nebs Really sick asthma patient should get a lot … Continue reading

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EMCRIT #6 Bolus Dose Pressors

Bolus Dose Pressors  Post by Elizabeth Dei-Rossi Why use push doses? rapidly correct blood pressure used to temporary increase BP prior to other therapy (ie post intubation before fluids can be infused to correct BP) drips take longer to set … Continue reading

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Before you begin your journey with; if you haven’t completed the medical education survey, please do it now!   It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes, and you will be helping me out.

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