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Physicians must develop strategies for keeping their knowledge base and skillset fresh and current. The project is designed to provide a forum where residents and faculty can post, browse, and consume emergency medicine educational media.

You can keep up with new posts in a few ways: point your web browser to periodically and see what’s new, or follow the twitter feed or facebook page – both links are in the sidebar. You can subscribe by email, in the sidebar, or you can use RSS (e.g. Google Reader) to subscribe to posts and comments (also in the sidebar).

The video screencast introduction to can be viewed here.

Each resident is expected to accrue 10 asynchronous learning credits per month. These credits can be any combination of reading and writing posts.  You will attest to the posts you read, and the posts your wrote, at the end of each month.

To consume a post for credit, find the media source (podcast, video, journal article, blog post, etc.) and read/listen to/watch it. Then answer the three question quiz using the link at the end of the summary. Reading the bullet summary does not get you credit; the bullet summary is for those who don’t consume the source media. For each post you consume, you get 2 asynchronous learning credits. For media longer than 60 minutes, you get 4 asynchronous learning credits.

The instructions for writing a post are below. For each post that you write, you get 4 asynchronous learning credits. For media longer than 60 minutes, you get 8 credits. You can also break up long media into parts, and just do one part, or do multiple parts for four credits each.

1. Choose the media. The goal is that each piece of media can be consumed (read, viewed, listened to) in 15-60 minutes. Media can be journal articles, blog posts, podcasts, instructional videos, audio lectures, video lectures, or anything else that fits within the spirit of the project. For very long media, you can pick a segment of the media and do a post on that. If you’re looking for media to consume and summarize, you can use the resources page in the sidebar, which is just a link of websites that have a lot of good content, or the Media To Do List on the sidebar. The Media To Do List is a spreadsheet that serves two purposes: If you’ve found media you want to summarize and post, enter it into the spreadsheet with your name next to it, to claim it so no one else summarizes it at the same time. If you found media that you would like to see someone else post, enter it into the spreadsheet (with a link!) without putting your name in the resident column. Once the media is published on the site, the editors will take it off the To Do List.

2. Listen to / read / watch the media.

3. Write the bullet summary. The purpose of the bullet summary is to provide, for those who do not consume the media, a list of take-home points. The purpose of the bullet summary is NOT to introduce the media item, or let the reader know what to expect when they consume the item, or to review the item, or to be an outline out the item. The summary should take less than two minutes to read: the most interesting / important / practice-changing 5-15 bullet points. Each bullet point is a complete sentence that makes sense to read by itself.

4. Write the quiz. The purpose of the quiz is to verify that someone consumed the media item. It should be three questions, multiple choice (three choices per question is sufficient). The goal is that someone who consumed the media item will be able to answer the questions very quickly and easily, without going back to the media; someone who did not consume the media item will not be able to answer the questions, therefore the questions should not be answered by the bullet summary. The questions do not have to reinforce important points, they can be about complete minutiae, again their purpose is only to verify that the someone consumed the media item. Write the three questions at the end of your bullet summary; one of the editors will turn them into a google form so that readers can submit answers.

5. Submit your post to the media leader. For 2011-2012, it’s Dan Lakoff.

Send all questions, comments, concerns, suggestions to Dan Lakoff.

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